Update: For help running both snmpds at the same time, see Net-SNMP and snmpd Coexistence on OpenBSD

Now that OPENBSD-CARP-MIB and OPENBSD-PF-MIB have been added to the base snmpd in OpenBSD (CARP-MIB will be in 5.1-release, PF-MIB in 5.2, and the SENSOR MIB has been there since 4.5), I wanted to document the differences between these MIBs and the corresponding implementation of the MIBs that I wrote for Net-SNMP.

Both implementations provide the same set of OIDs and allow the same data to be retrieved. Whatever you were querying via Net-SNMP is available via snmpd.

What has changed is the base OID where the CARP and PF MIBs are rooted at as well as the name of certain OIDs.

Difference #1 - New base OpenBSD OID

The Net-SNMP implementation used a private/reserved enterprise OID of 64512 (ie, . as the base OID for all the OPENBSD-* MIBs. In the snmpd implementation, the OpenBSD enterprise number 30155 is used as the root for OPENBSD-* MIBs.

Fix: Change all occurrences of 64512 to 30155 in all query strings

NOTE: All the OIDs after the enterprise OID should remain unchanged. Eg, a query string of . should be modified to . with a.b.c.d remaining unchanged.

Difference #2 - New CARP OID

The only exception to the rule that the a.b.c.d in . should remain unchanged is with the CARP MIB. Due to an overlap in OID assignments, the CARP MIB had its base OID changed from 3 to 6 in the snmpd implementation. When fixing query strings that refer to the CARP MIB, . should be changed to .

Fix: If your query string uses the OID name, no changes are necessary. Just ensure your NMS and SNMP tools are loading the MIB definition (OPENBSD-CARP-MIB.txt) from /usr/share/snmp/mibs/. If your query string uses numeric OIDs, change . to .

Difference #3 - New OID names in PF-MIB

In order to avoid naming conflicts between OIDs (not just within the OPENBSD-* MIBs, but with 3rd-party MIBs as well) some of the OID names in the PF-MIB were modified in the snmpd implementation to make them more unique and to identify them as belonging to PF-MIB. For example, running has been renamed to pfRunning, memory to pfCntMemory, and tcpFirst to pfTimeoutTcpFirst.

Fix: If you use OID names in your query strings, replace any Net-SNMP names in the table below with the corresponding snmpd name.

This table shows the old Net-SNMP name and the corresponding new snmpd name. Note that some of the old names are duplicates (such as fragment, removal, count, etc) so be careful if you're doing a search & replace.

**Net-SNMP name** **snmpd name**
info pfInfo
running pfRunning
runtime pfRuntime
debug pfDebug
hostid pfHostid
counters pfCounters
match pfCntMatch
badOffset pfCntBadOffset
fragment pfCntFragment
short pfCntShort
normalize pfCntNormalize
memory pfCntMemory
timestamp pfCntTimestamp
congestion pfCntCongestion
ip-option pfCntIpOption
proto-cksum pfCntProtoCksum
stateTable pfStateTable
state-mismatch pfCntStateMismatch
state-insert pfCntStateInsert
state-limit pfCntStateLimit
src-limit pfCntSrcLimit
synproxy pfCntSynproxy
count pfStateCount
searches pfStateSearches
inserts pfStateInserts
removals pfStateRemovals
loginterface pfLogInterface
name pfLogIfName
ipBytesIn pfLogIfIpBytesIn
ipBytesOut pfLogIfIpBytesOut
ipPktsInPass pfLogIfIpPktsInPass
ipPktsInDrop pfLogIfIpPktsInDrop
ipPktsOutPass pfLogIfIpPktsOutPass
ipPktsOutDrop pfLogIfIpPktsOutDrop
ip6BytesIn pfLogIfIp6BytesIn
ip6BytesOut pfLogIfIp6BytesOut
ip6PktsInPass pfLogIfIp6PktsInPass
ip6PktsInDrop pfLogIfIp6PktsInDrop
ip6PktsOutPass pfLogIfIp6PktsOutPass
ip6PktsOutDrop pfLogIfIp6PktsOutDrop
sourceTracking pfSrcTracking
count pfSrcTrackCount
searches pfSrcTrackSearches
inserts pfSrcTrackInserts
removals pfSrcTrackRemovals
limits pfLimits
states pfLimitStates
sourceNodes pfLimitSourceNodes
fragments pfLimitFragments
timeouts pfTimeouts
tcpFirst pfTimeoutTcpFirst
tcpOpening pfTimeoutTcpOpening
tcpEstablished pfTimeoutTcpEstablished
tcpClosing pfTimeoutTcpClosing
tcpFinWait pfTimeoutTcpFinWait
tcpClosed pfTimeoutTcpClosed
udpFirst pfTimeoutUdpFirst
udpSingle pfTimeoutUdpSingle
udpMultiple pfTimeoutUdpMultiple
icmpFirst pfTimeoutIcmpFirst
icmpError pfTimeoutIcmpError
otherFirst pfTimeoutOtherFirst
otherSingle pfTimeoutOtherSingle
otherMultiple pfTimeoutOtherMultiple
fragment pfTimeoutFragment
interval pfTimeoutInterval
adaptiveStart pfTimeoutAdaptiveStart
adaptiveEnd pfTimeoutAdaptiveEnd
sourceTrack pfTimeoutSrcTrack
interfaces pfInterfaces
ifTable pfIfTable
ifEntry pfIfEntry
ifIndex pfIfIndex
ifDescr pfIfDescr
ifType pfIfType
ifRefs pfIfRefs
ifRules pfIfRules
ifIn4PassPkts pfIfIn4PassPkts
ifIn4PassBytes pfIfIn4PassBytes
ifIn4BlockPkts pfIfIn4BlockPkts
ifIn4BlockBytes pfIfIn4BlockBytes
ifOut4PassPkts pfIfOut4PassPkts
ifOut4PassBytes pfIfOut4PassBytes
ifOut4BlockPkts pfIfOut4BlockPkts
ifOut4BlockBytes pfIfOut4BlockBytes
ifIn6PassPkts pfIfIn6PassPkts
ifIn6PassBytes pfIfIn6PassBytes
ifIn6BlockPkts pfIfIn6BlockPkts
ifIn6BlockBytes pfIfIn6BlockBytes
ifOut6PassPkts pfIfOut6PassPkts
ifOut6PassBytes pfIfOut6PassBytes
ifOut6BlockPkts pfIfOut6BlockPkts
ifOut6BlockBytes pfIfOut6BlockBytes
tables pfTables
tblTable pfTblTable
tblEntry pfTblEntry
tblIndex pfTblIndex
tblName pfTblName
tblAddresses pfTblAddresses
tblAnchorRefs pfTblAnchorRefs
tblRuleRefs pfTblRuleRefs
tblEvalsMatch pfTblEvalsMatch
tblEvalsNoMatch pfTblEvalsNoMatch
tblInPassPkts pfTblInPassPkts
tblInPassBytes pfTblInPassBytes
tblInBlockPkts pfTblInBlockPkts
tblInBlockBytes pfTblInBlockBytes
tblInXPassPkts pfTblInXPassPkts
tblInXPassBytes pfTblInXPassBytes
tblOutPassPkts pfTblOutPassPkts
tblOutPassBytes pfTblOutPassBytes
tblOutBlockPkts pfTblOutBlockPkts
tblOutBlockBytes pfTblOutBlockBytes
tblOutXPassPkts pfTblOutXPassPkts
tblOutXPassBytes pfTblOutXPassBytes
tblStatsCleared pfTblStatsCleared
tblAddrTable pfTblAddrTable
tblAddrEntry pfTblAddrEntry
tblAddrTblIndex pfTblAddrTblIndex
tblAddrNet pfTblAddrNet
tblAddrMask pfTblAddrMask
tblAddrCleared pfTblAddrCleared
tblAddrInBlockPkts pfTblAddrInBlockPkts
tblAddrInBlockBytes pfTblAddrInBlockBytes
tblAddrInPassPkts pfTblAddrInPassPkts
tblAddrInPassBytes pfTblAddrInPassBytes
tblAddrOutBlockPkts pfTblAddrOutBlockPkts
tblAddrOutBlockBytes pfTblAddrOutBlockBytes
tblAddrOutPassPkts pfTblAddrOutPassPkts
tblAddrOutPassBytes pfTblAddrOutPassBytes
labels pfLabels
lblTable pfLabelTable
lblEntry pfLabelEntry
lblIndex pfLabelIndex
lblName pfLabelName
lblEvals pfLabelEvals
lblPkts pfLabelPkts
lblBytes pfLabelBytes
lblInPkts pfLabelInPkts
lblInBytes pfLabelInBytes
lblOutPkts pfLabelOutPkts
lblOutBytes pfLabelOutBytes